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Zip Code Search for Act CRM search dialogIf you are going somewhere, make sure there are people there to see you.  Find all the contacts in your Act! Database within X miles of Y zipcode!  Use this free Zip Code Radius Search for Act CRM tool, from ACC friend and mentor Michael Moldofsky of ActiveSales in California, to put a button on your toolbar that creates a lookup for you.  Zip Code Radius Search for Act CRM has been tested for versions 2011 through v17.1 and Windows 7 and 8.1, and Windows 10.   Got v19?  See the end of this post for special instructions and different download.


Send an email.  Plot a strategy.  Announce a regional event. …all with one click.

Zip Code Radius Search for Act CRMHere’s what to do (for versions 2011 – v18.1)::

1. Close Act! and download the zip file that contains the two plugin DLLs you will copy.  Get the files from Zip City’s updated dropbox folder::

2. Extract the files and move them to your Act! Plugins folder.  Your Plugins folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\ACT\Act for Windows\Plugins by default.  The two files are named ziplocatord.dll and FreelI.ZipLocator2.dll

Zip Code Radius Search for Act CRM3. If you are running Windows 8.1 then there are a couple more things to do.  On each file right-click and select Properties.  At the bottom of the Security tab click on the Unblock button, then Apply, then OK.

4. Open Act! and look for the Contacts Zip Locator button.  If it’s there, then you are done.  If it’s not there then you have one more step; deleting the DependentDlls.xml file (don’t worry, it’ll be recreated).  To do this go to C:\Users\<your user name here>\AppData\Roaming\ACT\ACT Data and find, then delete, the DependentDlls.xml file.

Zip Code Radius Search for Act CRM5. Open Act! and do a lookup by clicking on the Contacts Zip Locator button.  In this example, we lookup all the contacts in the database who are within 25 miles of zip code 20814.


This has been tested in versions from 2011 to v18.1.  Zip City has tested the app as described.  If you are running Act! v19 there is a new version of Zip Code Radius Search just for v19.2.  If you need help installing the Zip Code Search for Act CRM we can help you as part of our support plan, the details of which you can find here.

ALSO, it has been reported that if you either update to v19.2 update 3, or re-install Act!, you need to also re-install Zip Code Radius Search.

Get the ZIP file here.

1.- download zip file
2.- right click zip file and click the Properties, then the Unblock button as you see above
3.- extract the dll’s and also right click to unblock
4.- copy to plugins folder, as you see in the Location, to the right
5.- start ACT

Zip Code Radius Search for Act CRM. Good design is good business. Zip City.

15 Comments on “Zip Code Radius Search for Act CRM

  1. Your zip code search for ACT CRM does not work on Act! Premium Version I get ” No contacts exits in the selected zip code *2,

    • hi david, i have confirmed that the lookup doesn’t allow wildcards. you have to use a zip code and a number of miles around that zip code. you can, however, use a lookup on the zip code field by going to the Lookup menu and selecting Zip Code. on the resulting dialog the field value would be include a percent sign as a wildcard to return a broader result.

  2. Just downloaded this app. to ACT Premium 2013 Version (Windows 7). Works Great!

  3. I have followed installation instructions but can not get the zip code search to appear on the menu bar. I am using Windows 7 and Act! Pro Version The app does appear in the “manage addons” as FreeI.Ziplocator2 and is checked. What to do?

    • right-click on the toolbar and check (Show) Contact Detail. did this work? let us know.

        • thanks for taking some time to install and configure this tool, bob. i have helped a couple of others put this in successfully and overcome the obstacles. give me a call if you would like me to help you, as well. thanks! +bevan

    • michael, folks seem to love this search tool. especially grateful that it works back to v2011. this freebie has been well received. thanks!

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  5. Is it possible to look up companies as well? If so, how?

    • this free tool will lookup all contacts in a zip code area, not companies.

    • we have a new app that will allow you to lookup companies. MyContactMap will place pins for company addresses. the cost is $199.

  6. Is there a way to auto-fill addresses for all contacts from the same company, without repeating the same info over and over?

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